Arab Women: Past, Present & Futuer

Arab Women: Past, Present & Future (Proceedings of the seminar held in Cambridge)
Arab Women: Past, Present and Future are the proceedings of a seminar that was organized by Arab Women organization in Cambridge, United Kingdom in September 2005, under the auspices of Her Highness shaikha sabeeka bint Ibrahim al khalifa, President of AWO (2005-2007). The seminar was a forum for open and interactive dialogue between followers of diverse cultures about one of the most vulnerable sectors of any society in the world today, namely women. It offered an opportunity for a lively interchange of ideas, views and experiences. This book gives some flavor of the diversity of viewpoints that were projected at the seminar.
Contents: Keynote Speech - The president of AWO address to the seminar.
Introduction: The Director General of the AWO opening note to the seminar. 

  1. WOMEN IN ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS OF THE REGION: women in pharaonic Egypt :women in culture and civilization of ancient Syria
  2. WOMEN AND ISLAM: women in Islam :women in Arab legislation between legal provisions and reality
  3. PRESENT ACHIVEMENT OF ARAB WOMEN: Arab women in Science and Technology: The information society, greater opportunities for Arab women :Arab women and political development
  4. ARAB WOMEN, PROSPECTS OF THE FUTURE: Arab Women: Challenges and Future plan of action
  5. CONCLUSION: Analysis and commentary on the seminar.


سنة الاصدار : 2006

Editior:Dr\ Ola A Abou zeid

Publication: (UK.19-20 September 2005 )Cairo

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